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Unparalleled Performance

In today’s world, simply looking good is not enough. Today’s world demands performance. Our windows live up to this demand. With a design that reduces potential air, water noise filtration, we have one of the most reliable replacement windows systems available on the market today. And its outstanding thermal performance equals its structural performance, as well. When you consider energy efficiency, perhaps the most critical part of any window is its insulating glass unit. It only makes sense: the glass has the largest surface.


Windows Can Help

To understand how windows can help, you must first understand that energy is lost through windows in three major ways: conduction, convection and radiation.


The framing of all our windows is made from vinyl, a natural insulator. To prevent energy loss through conduction, all units are made with “warm-edge” technology. Using a low-conductance spacer, this method assures maximum resistance to energy flow.


Energy can also be lost through natural convection currents that can form within the insulating glass. That’s why our glass is 3/4″ thick, shown by government testing to be the optimum dimension to prevent these convection currents.


Radiation occurs when long wave heat energy moves toward cold areas. The most effective barrier to radiation is an optional special low ‘E’ coating, a standard part of Energy Source Glass. This special coating actually reflects the long wave radiation back to its source. This is important to understand, as radiation affects energy consumption, no matter what part of the country you call home.


Solar Gain vs. Heat Loss

The concerns of home owners in the North are quite different than those in the South. In the North where heating is a concern, glass must allow maximum solar gain, while preventing heat loss. Conversely, Southern home owners are concerned with unwanted solar heat gain, when long wave radiation raises cooling costs. When you understand these regional differences, it makes sense that the insulating glass system should be manufactured to address these concerns. That’s why Energy Source Glass systems are tailored by each regional manufacturer for maximum energy efficiency in the climates each serves. We produce each of our insulating glass units to be and reduce noise transmission.


What’s Your Style?

No matter what style home you have, or what style window you want, we can fill your request. And, since all our windows are made to your specific dimensions, you know you’ll get a window that not only fits your style, but fits your home as well.

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