Window Quality

The Measure Of Quality

Certified Quality

Quality is something every window manufacturer strives to achieve, and almost all profess to have in their products. But Quality is more than a statement. Quality is something instilled in your process and through your people. It is clearly defined by your manufacturing and service philosophy. Real quality is measurable! There are achievable standards of quality that are recognized throughout the window industry. The follow are the marks of quality in our windows. These are the real standards that measure and certify quality of our windows. And these are the standards that you desire in your windows.


Good Housekeeping Seal

Through our commitment to quality and service as an Earthwise fabricator, all of our windows have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal! The Good Housekeeping Seal is earned only after a product undergoes a rigorous review by the laboratories of the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. We’re proud to have earned this Seal. The Good Housekeeping Seal is the most recognized mark for quality assurance and excellent customer service in America. Now, all our windows provide this unparalleled quality assurance for you, our customer.


Earthwise Windows

We are an active member of a selective national group of window fabricators who produce the same high quality vinyl windows system. The alliance of fabricators is called the Earthwise Group. This successful group was formed with the purpose of creating a national identity within the window industry and combining production, distribution and marketing strengths. We manufacture Earthwise windows.


Lifetime Warranty

We manufacture all of our window systems through state of the art insulated glass technology and vinyl processing production which insures the highest quality and performance of any windows system in the industry. All of our windows are guaranteed for a lifetime. Our industry leading warranty gives you true assurance for a lifetime in your home.

Environmental Advantages

Our beautiful, weather-resistant, vinyl-based building materials are effective and responsible alternatives to other building materials.  The environmental advantages include:


  • Energy efficient – Vinyl windows require 1/3 less energy to produce than aluminum and steel windows.
  • Reduces waste – More than 99% of all vinyl ends up in the finished products.
  • Thermal performance – Window frames and sashes constructed of vinyl maintain interior comfort and reduce energy consumption.  Long life-span – Products can last for decades; then be recycled into new products, extending the material life-span even further.
  • Sustainable – Nearly 60% of its principal raw material is derived from common salt.
  • Durable – Vinyl and composite building products will not rot or corrode and do not require frequent cleaning and painting like other materials, reducing the use of harsh chemicals and helping to conserve resources.  Vinyl windows last and last with a long productive life cycle.

Quality Means a Satisfied Customer

Our windows are custom measured and sized for exact fit in your home. They are manufactured with all the aesthetic beauty and modern features that you want in your home. But beyond style, our fully welded windows embrace the most advanced technology in design and thermal performance. The patented material compound and precision engineering insures you a quite, secure environment with an unsurpassed energy efficient that lowers the cost of comfort year round.

We provide free we provide free in-home consultations along with a free estimate. Call (859) 757-2047 or submit the form to learn how you can upgrade your home’s energy efficiency today!