Window Color

Modern Color Technology

Color Reflects Individual Style

Color is at the heart of home design. The AmeriColor Color Select Program fulfills the entire spectrum of light hue, perspective and shade. With thirteen unique exterior color selections and an unlimited palette of custom color choices available, the AmeriColor Select Program gives the home-owner and contractor the choices to color coordinate and design the exterior of the home in their own color and tone. Add the superior strength, elegance and thermal performance, and what is left to fulfill in a window choice. Choose from the canvas of nine AmeriColor colors: Wicker, Cameo, Desert Sand, Sandstone, Silver Gray, Victorian Gray, Harbor Gray, Architectural Bronze, Hunter Green, added to our four standard colors of White, Sand, Clay, and Earthbrown for the endless possibilities of custom colors.


The AmeriColor process uses the most advanced coating technology in the industry today. Using the patented AquaSureTech D200, the AmeriColor paint formulation creates an actual molecular bond with the vinyl surface of the window. This produces the most scratch resistance, color fast window coating in the industry, and it does so with an eco-friendly waterbase formulation and process.  The AmeriColor Color Select Program produces a rainbow of colors for your individual expression and eye. So choose the window that truly gives you choice…choose windows with AmeriColor.

Environmental Advantages

Our beautiful, weather-resistant, vinyl-based building materials are effective and responsible alternatives to other building materials.  The environmental advantages include:


  • Energy efficient – Vinyl windows require 1/3 less energy to produce than aluminum and steel windows.
  • Reduces waste – More than 99% of all vinyl ends up in the finished products.
  • Thermal performance – Window frames and sashes constructed of vinyl maintain interior comfort and reduce energy consumption.  Long life-span – Products can last for decades; then be recycled into new products, extending the material life-span even further.
  • Sustainable – Nearly 60% of its principal raw material is derived from common salt.
  • Durable – Vinyl and composite building products will not rot or corrode and do not require frequent cleaning and painting like other materials, reducing the use of harsh chemicals and helping to conserve resources.  Vinyl windows last and last with a long productive life cycle.

Quality Means a Satisfied Customer

Our windows are custom measured and sized for exact fit in your home. They are manufactured with all the aesthetic beauty and modern features that you want in your home. But beyond style, our fully welded windows embrace the most advanced technology in design and thermal performance. The patented material compound and precision engineering insures you a quite, secure environment with an unsurpassed energy efficient that lowers the cost of comfort year round.

We provide free we provide free in-home consultations along with a free estimate. Call (859) 757-2047 or submit the form to learn how you can upgrade your home’s energy efficiency today!